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  • "do not rest on laurels"


    Creative Circles (Gong) Awards 2018


    Rising Star of the Year (Social)

    Creative Circles (Gong) Awards 2018

    Scoot is F*cking Savage

    Best Use of Social & Messaging Platforms - Silver

    Best Use of Direct (Digital) - Bronze

    Best Use of Social Platforms - Bronze

    Real-Time Response - Bronze


    Markies Awards 2017


    FairPrice Twitter


    Best Idea -

    Consumer Insights


    Instagram Cannes 2016 Contest


    #WaterInMotion contest and exhibition at Festival de Cannes 2016


    Grand Prize Winner

    Montage 2015 Photofestival


    National University of Singapore Photographic Society's annual photofestival, competition section.


    Individual Category (Youth)

    Second Prize

  • "keep it fresh"


    Made With Passion - Passion Stories

    Brief: 'Made With Passion' is a national initiative with a simple goal — to promote homegrown brands from Singapore. But the task was far from simple. With over 100 brands ranging from indie homeware labels to legacy soya sauce companies, how could we convince the masses that MWP brands were worth supporting?


    Approach: After launching with a brand manifesto establishing what 'Made With Passion' is, we breathed life into the campaign with a series of Passion Stories. Together with local, up-and-coming directors, each with unique styles, we dug deep into the entrepreneurial spirit of four selected brands — each representing a different manifestation of passion — and turned their blood, sweat, and tears into inspiring tales.

    Role: Senior Copywriter (BLKJ)

    Art Directors: Amanda Lee & Gilda Lim
    Creative Directors: Lester Lee & Khalid Osman

    MCI - Onward

    Brief: Even though Singapore is stepping into Phase One of its three-phased reopening, the road to recovery is still long and ridden with uncertainty. The Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI), tasked BLKJ to encourage the people of Singapore to stay strong and stay united despite the challenges ahead.

    Approach: To inspire the people, we looked no further than the people. Because the truth is whilst times may have changed, the spirit of our people has not. Whilst life may seem to be at a standstill, the people of Singapore are still stepping forward and taking our country onward. film will remind us that yes times were indeed tough, but our people are tougher.

    Role: Senior Copywriter (BLKJ)

    Senior Art Director: Cindy Roselina
    Creative Directors: Lester Lee & Khalid Osman

    IMDA x Facebook - Love, Translated

    Brief: In 2020, close to 85% of Singapore’s Covid-19 cases were from the migrant worker community. Over 300,000 workers were quarantined in their dorms for up to 8 months. Many Singaporeans felt deeply for the workers, but it was hard to reach out - especially since they didn’t speak much English.


    Approach: We created a WhatsApp hotline (8-1-1-0-L-O-V-E) to crowdsource messages of support, and we translated the messages into the workers’ native languages. The messages were sent daily to the workers via their official


    Role: Senior Writer (BLKJ)

    Creative Directors: Joji Jacob, Lester Lee, Khalid Osman
    Creative Leads: Joseph Chan, Michael Chin
    Art Director: Dalton Choo



    [Shortlist] Non-Profit/Pro- Bono/Public Service (Effie Awards Singapore 2021)
    [Shortlist] Small Budgets: Non-profit, Products, Services (Effie Awards Singapore 2021)

    Scoot - Scoot is F*cking Savage

    Brief: As the most social brand in Singapore, how can Scoot maintain its sassy and fun persona while staying relevant?

    Insight: Singaporeans love to gossip.


    Approach: We keep our ears to the ground on the hunt for current events to trend jack.


    Role: Writer (BLKJ)



    [Silver] Best Use of Social & Messaging Platforms
    [Bronze] Best Use of Direct (Digital Channels)
    [Bronze] Best Use of Social Platforms
    [Bronze] Real-Time Response
    (Creative Circles Award 2018)
    [Silver] Excellence in Viral Marketing
    (Marketing Excellence Award)

    Scoot - See It Before The Hipsters

    Brief: Promote the lesser-known regions of Kansai to a Singaporean and Thai audience.

    Insight: We are a generation that prides discovery. Who posted about it first? Who took the photo first? Who can claim that they were there first?


    Approach: We turned an ad into a Wes Anderson x Edgar Wright style short film showcasing the different hipster-looking locations of Tokushima and Awaji Island with a quirky Scoot twist.


    Role: Writer (BLKJ)


    Art Director: Cindy Roselina
    Creative Directors: Lester Lee & Khalid Osman

    Scoot - Inflight Amusement Guide

    Brief: To educate people who do not know much about Scoot, on what it has to offer.


    Approach: Using a familiar format, we created a series of videos that were informative and entertaining at the same time. Using a bunch of exaggerated scenarios, we brought the LCC's point-of-difference to life, with classic Scoot sass.


    Role: Content Lead

    Copywriter: Anette Lok & Yeo Tze Hern
    Art Director: Tan Yue Li
    Creative Directors: Lester Lee & Khalid Osman

    FairPrice - Pun with FairPrice

    Brief: To engage with the younger generation and make FairPrice relevant to the next-gen shopper.

    Insight: As one of the iconic brands in Singapore, FairPrice is almost synonymous with grocery shopping in Singapore and there's no lack of mentions on social.


    Approach: We took the opportunity to start a 2-way conversation with our young shoppers with a refreshing voice on Twitter, with customised content and quirky copy that both entertained and built affinity.


    Role: Content Specialist (Havas)


    [Gold] Best Idea - Consumer Insight (Markies Award 2017)
  • "the giants"



    January 2022 - June 2022

    Drive Creative Excellence for clients with the APAC Google Customer Solutions AppDev team.

    • Champion Creative Excellence for apps across the AUNZ SEA team
    • Develop a comprehensive library of resources that help sellers pitch creative solutions
    • Conduct consultations and workshops to empower clients and facilitate implementation

    Facilitate the Pakistan Gaming Growth Lab 2022 and Think Games 2022

    • Manage content, communications and provide a product/sales POV to marketing for cross-functional collaboration

    [Oct - Dec 2021]

    Skills Ignition SG training in collaboration with Avado

    - Google Ads, Google Analytics, sell-side

    - Content marketing, digital channels & technologies, data & analytics


    February 2018 - September 2021

    Writer (Feb 2018 - Feb 2019)

    Content Lead (Mar 2019 - Oct 2019)

    Senior Writer (Oct 2019 - Sep 2021)


    Officially just a writer, unofficially social lead for numerous accounts including Scoot and Starhub. Experience includes creating regular social content, campaign ideation/execution, trend jacking/community management.

    Notable work:
    See It Before the Hipsters, Scoot
    -Destination campaign pushing flights from Singapore to Kansai

    Always-on social, Scoot
    -SES & Athens culture jacking pieces

    Socialyse (Havas Media)

    November 2015 - December 2017

    Content and Community Specialist


    • Develop content strategies for brands based on their FY goals
    • Curate and create regular content on Social Media for brand pages and for campaigns
    • Regular community management for these pages including incoming and outgoing engagement with fans
    • Live coverage for events such as Chivas The Venture and 8th ASEAN Para Games 2015.
    • Create creative content for Social Media ads (e.g. Canvas ad)

    Platforms include: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn
    Portfolio includes: Canon Asia, Chivas Regal, The Glenlivet, Singtel, FairPrice, Absolut Elyx
    Pitches won: FairPrice


  • National University of Singapore

    August 2011 - May 2015

    Communication and New Media, Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honors) [B. Soc. Sci.]


    4 Year honours program specializing in Communications Management.

    • The Photographic Society of NUS - Montage Director (2013-2014)

    • NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Club - Media Team (2011-2012)

    • NUS Sociology Society - Publicity Director (2011-2012)

  • "do what you love"


    Take Two (Social Media)

    January 2015 - June 2015

    Role: Social Media Manager


    Take Two (now M1ldl1fe) is a home-grown Indie rock/pop band formed in late 2012. They have performed in countless gigs locally and internationally.


    Musicians By Night (A Take Two Short Documentary)

    • Director, Writer, Chief Editor (Final Cut Pro), Camera operator (B Roll & Second Camera)

    Montage 2014 Photo Festival (Event Planning)

    2013 - 2014

    Role: Montage Director


    MONTAGE Photography Festival is the annual flagship event of The Photographic Society of National University of Singapore (NUSPS). It is a series of photography events, usually comprising workshops, seminars, a competition and an exhibition section.










  • "If I have seen further than others,

    it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants."

    - Isaac Newton

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    Software Proficiency

    Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom

    Adobe premiere (basic)





    (I can write memes too)


    Campaign ideation

    Social media


    Content marketing

    Community management

    CMS web management









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